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A range of Porter fitted out Wayfarers, Wanderers and Gulls are now available from Ian Porter. The boats are being delivered as bare mouldings and are then fitted out to owners specification by the small team working with Ian. Please contact us for early deliveries.

Ian Porter Sales Ltd. are looking for good boats to sell on brokerage for a large number of families that wish to purchase Wayfarers and Wanderers. There currently is a shortage of such boats -
please contact Ian with the details of your boat.

Brand New Stock Cruiser Mark 4 Wayfarer.

We currently have a brand new un-registered stock Cruiser Mark 4 which has recently just been finished in mid blue topside, oxford blue waterline and white bottom with the standard grey deck. Currently it has the standard specification with an overboom cover, combination trailer trolley unit and removable rear seats.

The boat is completed with a mast boom, sails, teo straps, all ropes, rudder and centreboard.

The boat can be finished with any other items that are preferred (see Wayfarer Price pages for further information). This boat will be available with 2013 sail number, Hull identification Number and all warranties will start from point of sale.

This Wayfarer is displayed at Emsworth and can be inspected at your leisure. Phone or e mail Ian Porter to discuss your exact requirement and obtain a special one off price. NOW SOLD

Brand New Stock cruiser Mark 4 Wayfarer.

This stock Mark 4 Wayfarer was recently completed and again awaits a sail number, an owner and a final specification. The boat is built in oxford blue with a double white waterline and grey deck. It has been finished to the standard level of specification  and includes mast, boom, centreboard, rudder mainsail and genoa, all rigging and all rope work.

This boat can be supplied as the simple platform that it currently is , or with any extras that can be found on the Wayfarer pages of this WEB site. It can be provided for an early completion only requiring a couple of days to finish any fit out items. Please contact Ian Porter to see if this could be your boat for the oncoming Summer. NOW SOLD

Brand New Stock Cruiser Mark 4 Wayfarer We have just finished the building of a new stock Mark 4 Wayfarer built in mid blue topside with a double oxford blue and white waterline and grey deck. This boat will have the standard equipment on it including mainsheet, genoa sheeting, mast boom, centreboard , rudder and mainsail and genoa. These stock boats allow for an early delivery of a Wayfarer and can be finished off to include any specification that the owner may wish for. A full list of variations are available on the price pages of the Wayfarer dinghy section on the WEB site.

To secure an early way on to the water please contact Ian Porter to discuss your exact requirement


Wayfarer Cruiser Mark 4 s.n. 10662.  “Talisker” -Built by Hartley Boats in late 2009 with an oxford blue topside, double white waterline and grey deck. This boat has been fitted out and used for cruising.

It comes with removable seats and a rear storage tank. The mainsail is centre sheeted and has slab reefing.It also has a buoyant head fitted to prevent inversion. The genoa has a furling system.

There are oars and rowlocks as well as an outboard motor pad which is detachable. There are mooring eyes on the stern and on the bow as well as a mooring cleat. It has an anchor with warp as well as an anchor storage board and this is matched to a boat hook to help get that elusive mooring buoy – and there are fenders as well.

Currently the boat is sitting on a launching trolley which has a jockey wheel with a PVC overboom cover over it. A trailer can be sourced to complete the combination unit or delivery can be arranged to any UK destination.

The boat is offered at £6950 as it currently stands.

Wayfarer World s.n. 10382 Built in 2004 by Porter brothers with an oxford blue topside and double white waterline colours on the hull and two tone white and light grey patches on the deck

This boat was built to the well know Celebration specification which gave the family a very complete boat capable of doing everything a family would want to do whilst out for the day.

It has a mainsail with slab reefing which has a centre sheeting on a transom track. The genoa has furling to remove the sail with just the pull of a rope.

The spinnaker is asymmetric which is set on an adjustable pole so that the sail can be used on beam and broad reaches. There is an outboard bracket which is removable as well as removable rear seats and a rear storage box. The boat has both keel band and bilge rail protection for beaching. Also equipped with a mooring cleat and fairlead. There is a new overboom PVC cover to protect the boat whilst not is use. Lastly there is a purpose made trailer trolley combination unit complete with jockey wheel to aid boat handling.

This boat has not been used very much and is offered in exceptional condition and is available for £6250.

arer World s.n. 10218 – “Independence”.  Built by Porter brother in 2001 with a Zenith Blue topside and white double waterline. The deck is two tone white and grey panelled.

This family sailing boat has a set of sails by Pinnell & Bax comprising of mainsail, genoa and conventional spinnaker . It also has a cut down set of sails that were Wanderer sails (mainsail and foresail).

The hull is equipped with a wooden strip laminated centreboard which has been packed for a good fit in the case. The rudder is GRP and is fitted to an alloy stock.

The genoa tension can be easily applied using a cascade block system. The mainsail is centre sheeted with a stern strop system for assisting in light winds. The sail can be easily controlled using the efficient kicking strap system.

The spinnaker system has the expensive auto launch system so that a small crew can easily place the pole end against the mast (shoot out pole system).

The boat comes with an anchor and warp and there is a boat hook/paddle to help in tight corners.

This Wayfarer has a combination trailer trolley set up with a jockey wheel – the trolley is brand new as the old one was at the end of its usefulness.

The cover is also brand new and is a PVC overboom design with deep skirt to help protect the topside colour from the effects of U/V.

This simple but comprehensively fitted out World is for sale at £5250


Wayfarer World s.n. 10173  The World was built by Porter Brothers in 2000 with a double white waterline and oxford blue topside. The boat also has a two tone deck based upon white and light grey deck panels.This boat has a wide specification that will suit any family thinking of cruising a Wayfarer and it includes slab reefing for the mainsail, genoa furling for the foresail, as well as a complete asymmetric spinnaker system and sail.

The mainsail is centre sheeted from a stern track system.The Wayfarer also has removable rear seats as well as the removable rear storage tank. It also has a removable outboard motor pad.

There is a mooring cleat and fairlead, paddles, wheel clamp, tie down straps, spare wheel, anchor and even a trailer board and transom mast support.

The complete boat comes with a combination trailer trolley unit which has a jockey wheel and lastly the boat is protected by an over boom cover.

It has recently arrived from the South of France and is here at Emsworth available at £5750.

Wayfarer World 010126 – “Farraige” – built by Porter brothers in 2000 with a British racing Green topside white double waterline and two tone white and grey decks.

This is a good family sailing boat and comes with removable rear seats and a back storage bag. There is a full set of sails comprising of mainsail, genoa and spinnaker. The spinnaker is a convention one flown on a spinnaker pole.

The mainsail is sheeted via a centre mainsheet system on stern strops and the boat has a cascade genoa tensioner and powerful kicker lead to the helm for adjustment.

The final equipment that this boat has to offer includes an anchor and warp together with a paddle. It also sits on a complete combination trailer trolley unit (the road part having 10” wheels) and a jockey wheel. There is also a good cover which is a PVC overboom type.

This boat has just come in to be offered for sale at £5350


Wayfarer Mark 2 s.n. W9118  This advert came in and was sold prior to being offered though these pages. It was a really good example that had been well cared for and in popular colours – SOLD

Wayfarer Mark 2 . s.n. 8604.  Built in late 1988 by Moores of Wroxham with a white hull and yellow and grey decks. There are forward and aft mahogany benches which have been striped and revarnished along with the centreboard and rudder assembly. The hull has been machine buffed and looks in very good order. The boat comes equipped with a genoa furler and there is also an anchor.

There is a conventional spinnaker system which has a couple of components missing.

The mainsheet is transom mounted and comes with a ratchet block.

The boat has self bailers and there is a hand bailer as well. The boat is protected by a serviceable canvas cover and it sits upon an combination trailer trolley unit complete with jockey wheel.

Lastly this good family boat comes with a 3.5HP Tohatsu outboard which gives lots of options for water bourn use.

It is now available at our workshops for £3500

Wanderer 1346 –“Pocohontas” - MD version built in 1997  built in crimson with a two tone hull and ivory deck.

It has the steel ballasted centreplate fitted  and a conventional wooden centreboard . It has a transom mainsheet system with slab reefing on the main and genoa furling on the foresail.

This Wanderer has bailers, hand bailer , paddle,  mooring cleat and fairlead which compliment the anchor and mooring warp. All the woodwork is in first class order.

The boat also has a 3.3hp 2 stroke mariner outboard together with a removable outboard motor bracket. There is a spares kit with new halyards, 2 stroke oil and even some fenders.

It sits upon a purpose made combination trailer trolley unit (the latter having docking arms) together with a tie down strap and rear number plate/mast support. Lastly there is a PVC flat top cover.

This boat has been owned by one person from new but due to a variety of circumstances has seen little use over the past. It is available in new condition for £4750.


Wanderer s.n. 730. Built by Anglo marine back in 1988 but it has only ever been owned by one owner. This boat was built with a parchment hull and deck. It has self bailers fitted and comes with a mainsail which can be slab reefed and a genoa that can be furled.

The mainsail has sail head buoyancy and bioth sails are in good consition. The mainsail is sheeted vioa a stern horse (or track system).

There is a mooring cleat and fairlead mounted on the foredeck.

It can be transported ion a combination trailer trolley unit that are in very good order and it also comes with a winch and deluxe jockey wheel.

The boat has just had a brand new cover fitted so it is ready for the next sailing season. Price reduced for early sale at £2200.

Gull Calypso s.n. 2851 built in September 2011 and used twice due to back ailment – SOLD within 24 hours of coming into Emsworth.


Gull Calypso s.n. 2800 – Mustard Pot. Built by Porters to very usual colour scheme with a white hull and a double yellow waterline and white deck with yellow panels. One lady owner from new.

The boat is equipped with a mainsail, and jib and is currently stern sheeted. It has slab reefing on the mainsail and the rig is tensioned via a highfield lever on the jib halyard. The gunwale is protected by a fendoff which has a black insert in the alloy extrusion. It currently sits on a launching trolley and comes with an overboom cover. (A trailer can be sourced or delivery arranged if necessary). This has been well cared for since new and is offered at £3450 as it stands. - SOLD


We have other customers awaiting more recent Gulls so please contact Ian Porter who can help you place your boat.


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