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The Optimist is one of the most successful boats ever designed currently found in over 100 countries world wide. The Optimist is the ideal boat for learning, training and racing for youngsters under the age of 15.

The design of the Porters Optimist has been thoroughly tested over a twelve month period and thus ensures that it is one of the best available. The fact that it has been carefully developed to take advantage of the very strict one design rules and that we place great emphasis on attention to the smallest detail, has enabled us to produce one of the best finished and highest quality Optimist dinghies you will find.

To ensure a fast, light, but stiff hull, with the required level of longevity we have utilised an advanced regulated vacuum finishing technique which we have been using for over 10yrs. This process guarantees a long lasting and very competitive boat. Throughout the construction, top quality bi-axial cloth and high density foam has been used in conjunction with the highest grade polyester isophalic resins.

 All boats are supplied complete and ready to sail with class registration and measurement certificate.


We offer three specifications of IOD Optimist, each of which are carefully detailed to cater to a specific sector of the Optimist market. We further offer a training version which is a little more rugged being around 4kgs heavier. The air bags are protected by a GRP cover tank and the boat has a rubber moulded gunwale protector.

We offer three specifications of boats etc, please see models for full details.






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