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Ian Porter Sales Ltd. Are looking to sell on brokerage for a large number of families that wish to buy boats within the range with particular emphasis on Wayfarers, Wanderers and Gulls.


Brand New unregistered Mark 4 Cruiser Wayfarer built in oxford blue and white (double waterline) with light grey deck . Just being completed and built in Emsworth.

This boat will be fitted out  to the basic standard specification and therefore can be completed to the owners own requested level of extras.

The standard boat comes with sails, spars, ropes, toestraps, rudder and centreboard and will generally require at least the addition of a combination trailer trolley, and cover.

Its exact price will depend on the final level of equipment  but it could be on the water in just over a week.

Contact Ian Porter to obtain further information, cost and discounts.


Wayfarer Cruiser Mark 4 “Jay Jay” – sail number 11159 built by Hartleys in 2016 and hardly sailed so the equipment is as a new boat.  It has a teal topside with double white waterline and two tone deck based upon light grey and dark grey textured panels.  This Wayfarer has a very comprehensive specification that includes:

  • Genoa reefing system

  • Mainsail with two reefs

  • Centre mainsheet

  • Conventional spinnaker (the sail has never been flown) complete with storage net

  • Rear seats and removable rear box.

  • Outboard motor pad (removable), rowlocks, S/S bailers, and mooring cleat and fairleads

The combination trailer trolley unit is purpose made and comes with a winch and deluxe jockey wheel, lighting set and strap and it comes with an over boom PVC cover.

This Mark 4 represents a very large saving compared to a new boat and is for sale at £7650.


Wayfarer Cruiser Mark 4 – “Jasmine”  built by Ian Porter in 2014 with a light blue topside, dark blue waterline and white bottom with a light silver grey deck

This is a special boat with a very complete inventory including, spinnaker system (conventional), centre mainsheet with ratchet jammer and slab reefing, genoa furling and buoyant head fitted to mainsail.

There is both a cruising and a racing set of sails to increase the versatility of this cruiser.

The boat has removable rear benches and a removable rear box and there is a mooring cleat and fairlead. Other items included are padded toe straps, slot gasket, outboard bracket, tidy bags, spinnaker sock and paddles.

The rudder can be stored in the rudder bag and the boat has a polycotton cover – the sign writing was completed by an artist.

This Wayfarer has a Euro spec combination trailer trolley unit complete with jockey wheel – and lastly the current owner order a special hoop in the middle of the boat to aid tacking and helm movement.  

 It has just arrived from another country and is   SOLD


Wayfarer Mark 4 cruiser sail number 10538 – This Wayfarer was built by Hartley Boats in 2008 with a dark  blue topside and a mid blue underwater sections.

She is equipped with a brand new mainsail and genoa with a very lightly used conventional spinnaker system.

At the moment she has a transom mainsheet system , however this can be easily upgraded to accommodate a centre sheeting system.

This Mark 4 also has removable rear benches and also a removable rear storage box. She also has padded toestraps and a removable outboard pad.

She is transported on a purpose made combination trailer trolley and has a good quality PVC over boom cover to complete the inventory.


This is a boat which is presented in very good condition, with new sails and a simple layout and will make an ideal Wayfarer for cruising and day sailing and is SOLD


Wayfarer Racer sail number 10507. Built by Hartley Boats in 2007 in black with a red waterline and white bottom together with a grey deck.

This race boat has all the sail controls lead back with race standard kicking strap, Cunningham and outhaul. The mainsheet is centre sheeted through a ratchet block.
 There are ratchets fitted to both spinnaker and genoa and the boat comes with mainsail , genoa and spinnaker. This boat also offers a Tacktic race compass to assist with wind shifts


Additionally there are a number of items that can allow the boat to be cruised such as removable rear seats, removable rear storage box, double reefing for mainsail. There is a Secumar inflation bag to assist if the boat is capsized and also additions such as praddles, mooring cleat and fairleads. There is also a genoa furler fitted.


This Wayfarer has a purpose made combination unit together with deluxe jockey wheel and boat protection is complete with an undercover, top cover and towing cover.


This is a Wayfarer that has been maintained by Ian Porter annually SOLD


   Wanderer MD sail number 1529 – built by Porter Bros in 2002 with a turquoise topside , white double waterline .This boat has a ballasted centreplate fitted and has been upgraded with a new thwart, and new floorboards.

The mainsail is transom sheeted and it also has slab reefing. She also comes with a removable outboard motor pad, mooring cleat and fairlead,

self bailers and even a paddle.

This boat has a purpose made and designed combination trailer trolley unit and lastly a brand new overboom cover.

This refurbished Wanderer has just come into Emsworth and is SOLD.


Wanderer 815  built by Anglo marine in 1989 with a yellow hull and parchment deck.

This boat has been fitted with a new thwart and renovated floorboards.

She comes with a transom mainsheet and also has slab reefing. The genoa has a furling system  and this boat has self bailers

fendoff, mooring cleat and fendoff.

There is also a removable outboard pad, oars and rowlocks .

She sits on a purpose made combination trailer trolley complete with jockey wheel and is completed with a brand new over boom cover.

Wanderer 815 is  SOLD.


Wanderer 757 built in Anglo marine in 1988 in cobalt blue and parchment decks.

The boat has a fairly recently new mainsail and genoa and there is a mainsail reefing and genoa furling system.

It also has a modern rudder and tiller – the hull has self bailers fitted and it is equipped with oars and rowlocks.

She can be transported on a purpose made combination trailer trolley unit which also has a jockey wheel.

Lastly this boat has a recent overboom cover in a breathable fabric.


This Wanderer has been kept up to the mark and is  SOLD


Wanderer s.n. 756 . Built in 1988 by Anglo Marine with a parchment hull and ivory decks and it has the MD conversion. 

The hull has self bailers fitted together with mooring cleat and fairlead. There is also a removable outboard motor pad.


The mainsail is transom sheeted and it has slab reefing as well as sail head buoyancy. The genoa has a furler fitted.


There are also a pair of oars and rowlocks supplied with this Wanderer.

Transporting the boat is done on a purpose made combination unit which has a deluxe jockey wheel and there are straps and a lighting set.


Lastly the over boom PVC cover is in good order – so she is ready for the oncoming season SOLD



Gull Spirit – sail number 2694  “Dream Chaser”  built in 1999 by Anglo Marine with an oxford blue topside and white underwater sections and deck.

This boat comes with mainsail , jib and complete spinnaker system including sail and ropes (but no pole).

The jib has a furling system and the mainsail is centre sheeted with slab reefing.

The hull has self bailers fitted as well as non slip patches on the floor.

It comes with oars and rowlocks, outboard motor pad, mooring cleat and fairleads.

The purpose made combination trailer trolley unit has the deluxe jockey wheel together with spare wheels for trailer and trolley. There is also a rear mast support for the mast and lighting board.

Weather protection is afforded by a flat PVC cover. This very complete Gull is at SOLD.




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