H10 Sailing Dinghy12



Hartley 12 single sailed dinghy.   The H12 is a 12 foot dinghy that has a single mainsail but can be sailed with one , two or three sitting easy within the cockpit. Unlike many other boat of this size and construction , the design includes a lifting centreboard (and not a daggerboard) and rudder  which gives more latitude in choosing a course through swallow water.

The hull has a wide beam and deep hull resulting in a most stable and forgiving boat, which is smooth and nimble over the water. The stable platform aids confidence and encourages progress in ones sailing ability. Sailing in strong breezes is exhilarating but  can result in the odd mistake that could lead to a capsize. The H12 is inherently buoyant and very difficult to invert – it is also easy to right for lighter weight crews.  The inclusion of righting lines, and a design that has plenty of hand grips and hull mouldings assists  recovery from the water.

A high double arched open transom will ensure an easy exit route should one end up under the upturned hull. Comfort and stability are further aided by a self draining cockpit which removes water rapidly and efficiently.



  • Suitable for beginner & intermediate youth and adult sailing http://www.porters.org.uk/IMAGES/imgB1.jpg
  • Easy to manage on & off the water
  • Exciting single, double or even three up sailing.
  • Deep roomy cockpit that is easy on the knees
  • High boom – no need to hide from the boom
  • Lifting centreboard and rudder
  • Simple to rig, launch & transport
  • Two part mast for easier car topping or trailing
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Can be stored indoor or out.


  • Soft reef-able mainsail (standard).
  • Battened high performance mainsail (option)
  • Soft clip on jib (option)
  • High performance control fitting package (option).



Hull length

 3.70 metres (12 feet)


1.55 metres

Hull weight

62 k





High performance mainsail 


Soft jib

2.0 m2



PY rating

    1350 (provisional)

CE certified

3 adults maximum load


 Phil Morrison



 First shown at Southampton Boat Show 2012






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