H10 Sailing Dinghy



The brand new Hartley 10 is a cost effective way to get on the water. Available as a rowing boat, a single hander sailing boat or for two people of sail with a single mainsail.

This is a dinghy that is delightfully responsive and easy to manage on and off the water. It has a wide beam and deep hull resulting in a boat that is most stable and forgiving and thus suitable to teach, giving confidence to the less experienced.

Part of the thrill of dinghy sailing comes from sailing in windy conditions with the possibility of the odd spill that can result from a mistake. The H10 does all that can be expected from a small dinghy to ensure that righting the boat is not a challenge. The dinghy is easy to right for lighter weights and its inherent buoyancy makes it virtually impossible to invert.

The H10 also comes with righting lines and plenty of hand grips around the hull and deck mouldings to aid boarding the boat from the water.  The high open arched  transom and mainsheet position give an easy exit point if you should ever end up under the upturned hull.  For comfort and greater stability the cockpit is self draining.

Hartley Sailing Dinghy


  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate adult and youth sailing
  • Easy to manage & exciting on all points of sailing
  • Can be enjoyed single or double handed
  • Deep roomy cockpit that is easy on the knees
  • High boom clearance – kind to heads and backs
  • Simple to rig, launch and transport
  • Two part mast to enable car topping or training
  • Hard wearing Rotomould Polyethylene 3 layer construction
  • Almost maintenance free – can be stored indoors or out.


  •  Soft reef-able mainsail (standard)
  • Black high performance mainsail.
  • High performance control and fitting package



Hull length

 2.9m (10ft)



Hull weight

45 k





PY rating

450 (provisional)

CE certified

2 adults


 Phil Morrison


artley Sailing Dinghy




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