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In recent years there has been a wide choice of Wayfarer models that incorporated wooden floorboards and side benches within a specialised interior. The design of the tanking being varied to certain end uses such as racing (no storage required), true cruising (as much dry storage as possible) and day sailing (a combination of some dry storage). The following models have been recently removed from the build schedules for new Wayfarers .

Wooden boats  Wooden Wayfarer dinghies (not the Wayfarer World) for those who prefer the more traditional look.  For further details please contact us. We also provide a composite dinghy, which have both a wood deck and GRP hull!

The Mark 1a  Originally designed as the specialist cruising option, and still remains a favourite thanks to the full height forward bulkhead offering two hatches providing sealable stowage space.

The Mark 2  At one time the "industry standard Wayfarer", in terms of numbers sold, the most popular version. An ideal boat for training, day sailing, cruising or racing and well proven over the years. The Mark 2 features a half height forward buoyancy tank with a storage shelf on top.

The Plus S Originally intended as the racers choice, the Plus S has also recently found favour with a number of cruising sailors. The Plus S is produced in PVC foam sandwich for extra stiffness enabling the boat to withstand the considerable rig loads imposed by the racing sailor. The Plus S is the only GRP wayfarer to of won World and National championships in recent years.

The Plus S has a full height forward bulkhead which is normally accessed by a 6" inspection hatch, for the cruising sailor this can be replaced with a larger, more accessible opening.


The Wayfarer is currently available in two design types neither of which have any wood present within the design and so low maintenance and clean glossy appearance are the common features.

Both are self draining featuring transom drains (scuppers) with plastic self bailers mounted in the middle of the boat to facilitate the final elements to keep the cockpit dry.

Available types include the well established Wayfarer World and the brand new Mark 4 Wayfarer.

The Wayfarer World  The Wayfarer World is the latest incarnation of Ian Proctors famous design, penned in collaboration with Ian's son, Keith Proctor, the world was born in 1997. Following a detailed consultation period with Wayfarer users, the latest design has a number of new and exiting features including a removable aft storage tank, a self draining cockpit, a spinnaker chute and the removal of all woodwork which has greatly reduced the maintenance burden of the boat. The World has a much more modern look and generally cleaner lines. The Wayfarer World has become the choice of the majority thanks to an excellent race pedigree, (area championship winner) and demonstrated cruising and daysailing ability. (North sea crossing 1998)


The brand NEW Mark 4 Wayfarer This version of Wayfarer was designed to improve the competitive edge of the GRP boat, as well as addressing the character of the capsized craft and finally giving the class a very modern feel and appearance that is to-days benchmark.

The design work was completed by Phil Morrison whom has a World wide reputation as being one of the foremost dinghy designers to-day. He has been responsible for designing and subsequently having had built thousands of modern boats.

Race boats come with an array of adjustable control systems to allow accurate calibration of rig and sail settings.

Family sailing and cruising boats come with a similar glass fibre make up as the well foundered Mark 2 ensuring longevity, strength and durability that is the hall mark of all Wayfarers. The specification list comprises of extras that add to security and safety as well as assisting in sail reduction.

The training Mark 4 is built with the emphasis being on rugged and strong both in regard to the GRP as well as the choice of fittings and equipment.

Wayfarers are custom built to the first owners own requirements in colour, specification, fit out detail and package. This is the feature that separates the boat out from manufacturers one designs. A simple boat can be added to in the future as your own sailing develops or should the boat be sold on to a new owner. This supports high residue values and the reputation of this design.

Asymmetric Spinnaker The Wayfarer World is the only version of the Wayfarer available with an Asymmetric Spinnaker, originally intended for sailing schools the asymmetric is now available for all, providing a new dimension to this classic class. (not suitable for class racing, but can be used for handicap racing).




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